Chebe Powder is a hair secret mixture used by the Chadian Woman and Northern Nigerian.

How to use Chebe Powder.

First Method: Chébé powder can be used as a treatment once or twice a week by mixing it with water and any preferable oil to make a paste. This can then be applied to the hair for a minimum of two hours. Afterward, rinse it with water to get the powder out, this way you would keep all of the benefits of the Chébé without the aroma or the powder.

Second Method: Diffuse it in the oil for a period of time and used as needed. Olive oil can be used as a carrier oil and leave it in for 2-3 weeks in a glass jar in a dark and dry place. Shake every day ( you can do the treatment as specified in option one) once done, the oil can be applied daily to dry hair to be left in.

*Do not put on the scalp because these herbs can cause dandruff.

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